Monotonic Tailpiece EP


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released March 31, 2015



all rights reserved


CHUCHO Fort Worth, Texas

Chucho is the dark dramatic pause that preludes the stranger you just met telling you she's pregnant. You said all you did was talk. Someone is lying, or God is involved. Either way, we should talk more. Chucho.

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Track Name: Peace Sign
Well I ain't never met a soldier who's came back from war
To liberal to laugh at heavy jokes anymore
And I ain't never met a hippy with a reasonable mind
Not sick about what became of the peace sign

I've got a feeling that I'm putting off negative vibes
Though that wasn't my intention I can't say that it's a lie
Seems most people can't ever look you in the eye
Well that's where me and most people are somewhat alike
I find it hard to shake your hand and make eye contact
When I'm high as a giraffe on an elephant's back

"Ain't I cool don't you think that I look like you should?"
Call your mother young man it could do you some good
I ain't never said that I know more than you
But by the way that you are acting I assume that I do
Although your big floppy hat really makes you look cool
I can't help but think your mother might've raised up a fool
Track Name: Brake Your Engine
Brake, brake your engine
Wait, that boy ain't even flinching
Praised are the slaves that were raised to give that boy attention

Worth, that boy ain't worth a penny
Hurt, his words have hurt plenty
Learned are the czars by his heart, cause he don't appear to have any

When Jesus comes home
That boy, that boy, that boy is gonna be the last one to know

Life, his life has done been thrown out
He cry, cry, cry, cry, cries, cause it's his time to go now
He'd pray for salvation someway if he had the know how
Track Name: Messiah Blues
Tell me who up and died and left you to be
The big fat, king cat son of Galilee
We thank you so much for all that you've done
Your father is God and your mother's the son
Well I know, I know you're speaking the truth
You got them goddamn Messiah Blues

You're preaching the word that is sent from a'high
But your claims gained attention from the FBI
Got 'em busting your balls and tapping your phone
Taking DNA samples from the cross you lay on
Well they harass your followers and they're watching all of your moves
You got them goddamn Messiah Blues

You get you a job and you tone down your charm
But the government still swears that you're cause for alarm
So they hit you at home and upon breaking in
They find 4 hungry children and 2 homeless men
Now you're going downtown to answer for all of this food
You got them goddamn Messiah Blues
Track Name: Jacksboro Highway
Flowers fill the window sill and autumn fills the room
There's ashes on the nightstand boy
Prepare your pan and broom
Such negative reactions bring about about a sense of doom
Don't you never turn your back on Jacksboro Highway

A cutoff runs right through the heart in old sweet Robert's name
As crooked as a cripple's back so many lives it's claimed
A drunkard's brawl in a dancehall can't ever be to blame
For vultures writing laws out on vacation

Oh Lord why do I still pray
When the odds are better off to run away
Leave my affairs and leave my family
And just run
I think it's time I finally understand
That the world is in need of a man
To handle things the best way that he can
Without spilling blood

No one ever accused me of being a decent man
But I've worked my back from dawn till dusk on this beautiful land
From smoking pot in alley ways to drunken one night stands
Music became my life on Jacksboro Highway
A late night in a smoky dive is something status never learns
And we all lost faith in the vote during everybody's second term
It all goes back into our craft this money that we earn
Cause what good is a bank that ain't on fire
Track Name: Charlie
I've given in to all this madness
That's tried so hard to break my stride
I've given in to all these demons
That do not want me alive
I've lived so hard it seems for ages
For someone's pity
I cannot tell
From time to time I go through stages
When I wish I was anybody else

My name is Charlie, I am an artist
I play the guitar, a little ivory too
I am a pothead, I am a poet
I am more miserable than you

Lord how I wish I had me a woman
She'd be so happy and I would be too
She'd feel empowered
I'd be her husband
We'd have a big house and a boy named Sue
Instead I'm paying some unlucky stranger
Their faces change but they all have the nerve
to say where you going, boy when you leaving
That'll cost you extra, you ol' filthy perv'

My name is Charlie, I am an artist
I play the guitar, a little banjo too
I am a pothead, I am a poet
I am more miserable than you